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03-Aug-2016 20:26

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Just imagine finding out that Ross and Monica were actually dating offscreen the whole time!We watched with incredulity this season when "Dexter's" Debra Morgan paired up with Joey Quinn, a shady detective in the Miami Police Department who was not only skeezy but also had a vendetta against Dexter, Deb’s brother.There’s plenty of buzz surrounding the new relationship between Avett Brothers’ Seth Avett and ‘Dexter’ actress Jennifer Carpenter, since it was initially reported that Carpenter was the reason Avett split with his wife Susan.

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Christine Hill shot herself a mere two weeks ago in -time! Quinn may be a professional, but isn't it a little soon to show him sprawled on a bed in his purple button-up shirt and grinning at Deb?Apparently, Carpenter, who was married to her ‘Dexter’ co-star Michael C.