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26-Feb-2016 16:36

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This article is about the American reality television series.

Classroom-level interventions were delivered in six sessions, using a curriculum emphasizing the consequences for perpetrators, state laws and penalties, the construction of gender roles, and healthy relationships.

School-level interventions included the use of temporary school-based restraining orders, higher levels of faculty and security presence in "hot spots," and raising awareness schoolwide.

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The system primarily is used to gather information on violent or potentially violent cases, including murders, attempted murders, missing persons (in which foul play is suspected), sexual assaults, sex-related vice and sex crimes committed by sexual predators (both known and unknown to victims).

Use of standard reporting forms makes it easy to expand the system to include other types of crimes such as arsons, gang-related crimes, etc.

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In one rigorous NIJ-funded study, school-level interventions in 30 New York City public middle schools reduced dating violence by up to 50 percent.[2]Researchers evaluated dating violence and sexual harassment interventions by randomly assigning classes to receive: Youth exposed to domestic violence are at greater risk for being both a victim and the perpetrator of dating violence.

The most outstanding feature of the HITS computer is its ability to analyze large quantities of violent crime information quickly.