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Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) had nearly 20 boyfriends over the course of Sex and the City's six-season run, but she wound up with John James Preston, aka Mr. And Noth made some comments about Carrie's dating history in a recent interview with au that are causing a bit of a stir."One of the things I tell people is that [Big] never tried to pretend he was anything other than what he was.It was [Carrie] who tried to pretend he was something he wasn't. Being able to walk through it--you really are in it. It's a network, and you only get 42 minutes with the commercials, and you've got this big ensemble. covers a lot of different ground and a lot of different story lines.And, they had marvelously good insight into how funny sex can be and real at the same time. ' No, we've all got kids, we've all got lives. I feel very close to Sarah, but I haven't seen her.__Glamour: Did you watch Sarah on --look to any news making politicians and things like that? But I've been reading politics my whole life, so I don' need to look at these guys to get an idea of it.You look around New York, and we are surrounded by restaurants and food trucks, and we celebrate food in this city like no tomorrow. And to give the impression of a complex relationship of a campaign, of a man and a woman who have a shared history and part of that history brings them together and part of it drives them apart.We talk about, you know, diet and that we shouldn't give our kids big things and obesity and fast food. There's only a certain amount of time to do that.

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Noth has his own thoughts on why it flopped as he explained, "I don't think it was a bomb, but I think because they're greedy, it didn't make as much money as they wanted.

He was always honest about himself — he never cheated on her," Noth told the Australian publication. [laughs] There's a misconception that Carrie was a victim of him, and that's not the case — she was a strong, smart woman."Many have come to Carrie's defense, but Buzz Feed News reached out to those behind Carrie and Big to see what they had to say.

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