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03-May-2016 07:36

That's a tough thing to accomplish, and that, combined with several other moments of effective self-reference by the movie, can only cause me to conclude that it's a solid piece of work by all involved, and it shows definite promise of To sum up: overall worth watching at least once.It’s almost irresistible to think of a film festival’s first weekend as the halfway point and thus far the 2016 Cannes Film Festival has offered up great performances, a lot of skin and a fair amount of sex – but no real conclusions.

All the 70th Festival de Cannes Awards Awards And so the curtain has finally fallen on this 70th anniversary edition – rich in screenings and events – which brought together the cream of the film world in Cannes over these las... Cannes 2017, the events of the 70th edition Event May 17th will mark the beginning of not only the screenings, but of 12 days of celebration!

This year’s screenings spread out across 10 days that began on Thursday and end next Saturday (with opening night on Wednesday and closing night next Sunday), the Sunday-night cutoff feels more arbitrary than ever. For instance: As usual, some have grumbled about how it’s been a lackluster first few days on the Croisette, and they’re right …

except that “Toni Erdmann” excited lots of people, and “American Honey” excited some and offended others, and smaller films like “Mean Dreams” and “Paterson” have picked up strong buzz.

OK," the Swedish filmmaker exclaimed after he bounded onto the stage to collect the prestigious Palme, in a rare and somewhat surprising win for a comedy.

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In "The Square," Claes Bang plays a museum director whose manicured life begins to unravel after a series of events that upset his, and the museum's, calm equilibrium.

That's decent twice, because although I definitely feel that this production deserved the time, money and energy invested, I am more looking forward to seeing the director's future, hopefully more refined work.

Romero and John Carpenter have to show some restraint. … continue reading »

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