Hannah montana lilly and oliver dating

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Either way, you can't make everyone happy and, since some people are hesitant to join a series already in progress, audiences tend to decline in number and enthusiasm.That happens to many of the best American shows and from all I've seen, "Hannah Montana" definitely doesn't belong to that class. If not, listen to this before diving back into the past with us).On March 24th, 2006 Disney Channel graced our screens with one of the greatest original shows the Mickey Mouse family has ever created.

Then, they announced there would be a “That's So Raven” sequel. Multiple personalities have never been so endearing!When Miley accidentally causes Jackson to fall and bump his head prompting him to have "temporary amnesia," she decides to take advantage of this.Miley "reprograms" Jackson to be the loving brother that she always wanted., an independent drama set in a world where being gay is normal and heterosexual people are intimidated.

Pictured: Osment at a party in Hollywood on May 12Last year he starred in poorly-reviewed horror flick The Sand with a terrible premise - a group of college students wake up on a local beach after an all-night graduation party only to discover that anything that touches the sand will be devoured.

"Hannah" has been very successful, not in creativity or achievement but in viewership numbers, merchandise sold, and the media icon it's created.