Error validating client secret

23-Aug-2016 10:56

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However, it can’t perform something that was not approved (for example, the user may only allow an app to fetch information about friends, but not post on the user’s wall).This is cool because, under no circumstances should a third-party app access a user’s password.But actually now that I take a closer look, I don't think this sample requires you to even acquire a token. I think if you just remove the line(s) of code in Danny, I agree that your suggestions are either not clear enough for us to implement correctly, or they are inadequate to resolve the issue. Looks like the client secret is not being encoded correctly before being sent.Is there a reason that the sample shipping today (Sep 2016) is not debugged? Now at step 3, I kept on getting Http 400 response back. So after some research, I found out that on that redirect_uri that we submitted on step 3 doesn't do anything but validate the request. Today we are going to talk about authentication via social networks with the help of the OAuth 2 protocol.We will discuss Omni Auth and four of its strategies: Twitter, Facebook, Google , and Linked In, allowing users to log in with any network they like.

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Nu kloppen de URL's echter wel, heb ik vele pagina's via Google gevonden en heb ik alles nog eens gedubbelchecked en nog steeds geen bijzonderheden aangetroffen.This is the third article in the Authentication with Rails series.We’ve build a classic login/password authentication systems with features like remember me, reset password, confirm e-mail, and the like.This kind of access token is needed any time the app calls an API to read, modify or write a specific person's Facebook data on their behalf.

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User access tokens are generally obtained via a login dialog and require a person to permit your app to obtain one.

Het lijstje dat ik via de zoekresultaten tegen kom is dan steevast: Met de eerste bedoelen ze neem ik aan dat mijn redirect_uri op het zelfde domein moet zijn als van waaruit ik de aanvraag doe. De app id had ik al gedubbelchecked en staat ook goed.

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