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Eric Striker Daily Stormer October 19, 2016 A bizarre plot is unfolding, attempting to ensnare Julian Assange in a “grooming” scandal shortly after the Ecuadorian embassy cut his internet access. He allegedly began an internet relationship with a 22-year-old woman through an online dating site. Few to no people have ever heard of this dating website, and looking at the pictures of the women on the website it’s pretty obvious all the profiles are fake (the pictures are taken from other websites).After getting to know Assange, it is claimed that said woman had her eight year old sister log on for her and performed sexual acts on camera. It has a social media presence across many platforms beginning from last year, with a few You Tube videos featuring low level actresses and a Facebook page where posts had 100’s of likes but no comments – suspicious to say the least.Formerly Auggie served as the head of the CIA's Office of Special Projects, a unit mandated to "interface amongst the various directorates and help exploit efficiency opportunities to minimize bureaucracy." He was previously the head of the Technical Operations Department within the Domestic Protection Division.Before joining the DPD, Auggie was a special forces soldier and CIA operative but was blinded while on a mission in Iraq.The white board during the CIA body double meeting says, "1) Your body double is here to save your life. Even though, I don't think any daughter could date a man who is identical to her Dad, but I'm over-thinking it.2) Your body double should never be used to hook up with waitresses. In this episode, Hayley gets dumped by Jeff, and she starts dating Stan's CIA body double, Bill. Stan was okay with it, until Bill started hitting on Francine.

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Barris was the Mark Burnett of his day, supplying network TV with 27 hours worth of game-show programming at his peak.___ KASPERSKY LAB This is one of the world's leading providers of security protection. A flaw in the code "enables us to bypass Kaspersky's protections," according to another post .Founder Eugene Kaspersky dismissed the comment, saying in a Twitter message that the flaw identified in the CIA leak was fixed "years ago." A statement from his company said a second flaw apparently identified by the agency was fixed in December 2015.Originally, he stated that he had lost his sight when he had left the humvee to check what he thought was a dead dog but turned out to be a disguised IED.

Auggie truly understands bureaucracy, but doesn't seem to like it, speaking with contempt of the 7th Floor.

The data published by Wiki Leaks isn't systematic enough to draw firm conclusions about the reliability of one product or another and the uncertain dating means the CIA's critiques provide more of a snapshot than an overview.