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PHOTOS: Quickest celebrity engagements The Australian hunk is also dad to teenage son Saxon and 4-year-old son Spike, both from previous relationships.

Crashing Mc Garrett’s cozy home-cooked dinner date with Lynn, Catherine Rollins (played by Michelle Borth) stormed into the picture to deliver the news that Doris had been captured and imprisoned at a CIA black site in Morocco, in the course of trying to spring Wo Fat’s father.

As Steve busily prepared to launch a rescue op, Catherine made wonderfully awkward small talk with Lynn, who let slip that a marriage proposal was imminent at the time Catherine bailed on Steve last season.

Catherine made no big, obvious deal upon hearing that she missed out on a proposal, though the topic eventually came up after Doris’ rescue was successfully pulled off (with help from Chin Ho, Kono and Grover) — as detailed in the dialogue sample shared below.

Meanwhile, should fans of Steve’s comparatively nascent romance with Lynn (played by Sarah Carter) interpret his interest in Catherine’s hypothetical proposal response as any kind of slight, a red flag? No f–king way,” O’Loughlin makes clear, adding that Catherine is not “the one who got away” but “the one who was not meant to be.” “As far as I’m concerned, he was just curious,” the actor adds, “because for him to get serious with anyone else — ] I know about it. CATHERINE I know what you were going to do before I left….

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Very few reboots, remakes and reimaginings have actually done well.